Welcome to the home of Taylored Solutions – an evidence based, innovative service, designed to accommodate each child’s unique learning needs. I offer support to gifted/twice-exceptional (2e) children and their parents, who are seeking optimal learning outcomes. 


My mission is to develop within children, learning narratives that are growth oriented and goals focussed. I do this by developing weaknesses through areas of strength and by working with the personal attributes of each child.

A personal journey

Being the parent of three diverse, gifted and 2e children, I appreciate the challenges and delights that come with raising these kids. As a result, I understand that these children require a tailored approach. As a teacher, I know that many schools struggle to offer this flexibility. Consequently, it is common for gifted children to spend a lot of time ‘passing the time’, unchallenged in traditional schools. In comparison, I have noticed that 2e children usually spend the majority of their time at school working on their weaknesses. 

What story is your child telling themselves?

Early school experiences shape the narratives that children tell themselves about their ability to learn and the value of education. Unsurprisingly, these stories have a powerful impact on how kids engage with learning now and into the future. In fact, these value judgements are two key factors that lead to underachievement.

As I work with students, I help them to reframe their experiences through the use of cognitive mediation. As a result, they develop a more positive view of themselves as learners. To increase motivation, I connect the skills that they need to develop, to passions they already have. This gives a sense of purpose and meaning to the learning.

Rather than being afraid of mistakes, I want children to better appreciate the role of mistakes and practice. I realise that this is a difficult process for children who rarely experience challenge or alternatively, rarely experience success.

Central to my mission are the following core practices and beliefs:

  1. Appreciate the individual – believe in the potential and promise of each child
  2. Nurture strengths first, support weaknesses through these
  3. Develop metacognitive thinking, to enable students to become masters of their own learning

How can I help?

As a tailored service, I can offer a range of support options to suit your child.

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